Saturday, October 07, 2006

Civil War in France

This is from an essay by Paul Belien, of Brussels Journal, voice of Conservativism in Europe
Unlike their fathers, who came to France from Muslim countries, accepting that, whilst remaining Muslims themselves, they had come to live in a non-Muslim country, the rioters see France as their country. They were born here. This land is their land. And since they are Muslims, this land, or at least a part of it, is Muslim as well. The society they live in is a homogeneous Islamic one. For them that is society, there is no other. Consequently there is also no question of their “leaving” that society to become part of another society, the putative Western one. “Society” is the society they live in and from which they view and interpret what goes on around them. To understand their language we must understand how they see us, where we fit in in their society. Multiculturalism does not exist: it is always a matter of several cultures living side by side in defined territories, and the laws of one culture not applying in the territories of the others.

This essay was written last year, but it is a profoundly important observation about what is really happening in Europe with and within the Muslim populations. It is not a question of Muslims who live in France, the Western European Country, but of Muslims who consider their area of France to be a Muslim country, and demand that the "other" France keep out!

Unless we wake up and smell the Jihad, we might find ourselves in a similar situation. This is a must read.

Another article on the same subject, written by David Rennie, European Correspondent for the Telegraph, in May this year.

The Brussels Journal

The Gunslinger

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