Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Conservatism 101

I'm for red meat, guns and God. I'm for school vouchers, prayer in school, and teaching the classics written by all those dead white guys. I'm for marriage first, then kids. I'm for monogamy. I'm for "staying together for the kids". I'm for preaching abstinence as the only SURE way to avoid pregnancy and STDs. I'm for being realistic and teaching "safe sex" too. I'm for good manners. I'm for Americans anglicizing everything except "La Jolla".

I'm for the red "fly-over" states between California and New York. I'm for war in Iraq and death for all Islamic Terrorists. I'm for representative democracy and a strong republic. I'm pro-choice on smoking tobacco. I'm for the American flag and American movies. I'm for John Phillip Souza and marching bands. I'm for the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. I'm for parades on Independence Day. I'm for real Rock 'N Roll. I'm for free enterprise and honest capitalism. I'm for hard grading in school and holding back kids who don't cut it. I'm for corporal punishment if necessary. I'm for self-discipline. I'm for England, Italy and Australia. I'm for Israel.

I'm for personal responsibility. I'm for honor and courage. I'm for English as the official language of the United States. I'm for tort reform. I'm for a cost of living that lets moms stay home with the kids. I'm for chocolate. I'm for a good body image for girls bigger than size 2. I'm for ladies and gentlemen of all ages. I'm for capital punishment. I'm for compromise on abortion because without it, the issue will never be put to rest. I'm for making money. I'm for a two year moritorium on all immigration. I'm for deporting all illegal aliens. I'm for the INS acting like cops, instead of travel agents. I'm for tight border control. I'm for science and technology making life better and more fun. I'm for compassionate treatment of animals. I'm for QVC and the NRA. I'm for rugged individualism and heroes. I'm for The National Review and Fox News.

I'm against high taxes, multiculturalism, bi-lingual anything except opera, illegals sneaking across our borders, dirty words on T-shirts. I'm against tattoos on kids and women. I'm against pornography because it warps kids, exploits women and degrades the men who watch it. I'm against racial politics, gender politics, homosexual politics, tribal politics, victim politics. I'm against gays and women in fighting units in the Army and Marines. I'm against gays and women on ships in the Navy. I'm against lowering the physical requirements for cops, firemen and the NFL so women can qualify. I'm against racial preferences. I'm against gender preferences. I'm against pretending deviants are normal. I'm against taxpayers paying for sex-change operations. I'm against France, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia. I'm against a Palestinian state. I'm against calling Qatar "gutter".

I'm against euphemisms that make bad things sound good. I'm against welfare without work. I'm against teachers ignorant of history and grammar. I'm against greedy unions, greedy corporations and greedy racial hucksters demanding reparations for slavery. I'm against liberal bias in the media. I'm against amnesty for illegal aliens. I'm against ignorant gun-haters who think any long gun with a scope is a "high-powered rifle" and that a "semi-automatic" is a machine gun. I'm against hate-crime laws. I'm against sissies who think a dirty joke is sexual harrassment. I'm against activist judges. I'm against the Nanny State. I'm against the ACLU. I'm against The Nation, the New York Times and CNN.

I believe self-esteem is a by-product of accomplishment. I believe that women can do anything men can do as long as it doesn't require much upper-body strength. I believe that reading is the first requirement of a civilized society. I believe the truth of the study that proved "more guns, less crime". I believe the price of rights is duty, and "the price of liberty is eternal vigilance". I believe new is not always better. I believe knowledge of history is the best preparation for the future. I believe that neither people nor societies are perfectable. I believe the best cultural changes are organic. I believe actions have consequences, often unintended. I believe thinking is a higher function that feeling. I believe that all Utopians are insipient Totalitarians. I believe that America is the best man has done so far.

(And I believe that sometimes it's a shame you can't just shoot the bastards.)

The Gunslinger


  1. Amen!

    Though I do disagree slightly on immigration issues (a compromise there is approximately as necessary as one on abortion).

    About fell out of my chair when I saw "Day by Day" in the sidebar. :)

    Referred by "Raw Thoughts"
    You rock.

  2. Welcome, Bryan! Thanks.

    I'm not against immigration. Just ILLEGAL immigration.

    But we need to make the LEGAL process easier and cheaper and more respectful to people who are doing it the right way.

  3. "I'm not against immigration. Just ILLEGAL immigration."

    Same here, but it's not practical to round up the illegals that are already here and ship 'em off. The cost would not justify the benefit.

    Something along the lines of what President Bush proposed, where illegals pay a price for their shot at citizenship, is a better idea (as in practical). And away with those illegals who will not pay a stiff fine and work to assimilate.

    And, of course, make border security a priority so we actually have some idea of who is coming into the country.

  4. Allowing illegals a "path to citizenship" is rewarding them. Period. Reagan did it with all the same promises...and the result was...what we have now.

    The hoops people have to go through to do it right are absurdly expensive and difficult. And they would go right to the end of the line...while illegals get priority and favored status.

    And that's unacceptable.I actually don't care how much it costs. Some things are simply not about money. If we actually DID throw them out, that would be a SERIOUS message that you can't get away with coming here illegally. Because no matter how long you have been here, no matter what sort of "contribution" you think you are making, if we find you, we're deporting you, immediately.

    It would be a deeply discouraging thing.

    They should be deported without a single thing. All their worldly possessions should be sold and used to help pay for rounding up and deporting themselves and other illegals.

    Their children should never have citizenship status just because they were born on US territory. Children of illegals should remain illegal. Not their fault. Not mine either.

    Implement that, and people will be selling off their stuff...or packing it up and moving home, so they don't lose everything if they should get caught.

    And don't think I'm not supremely aware of the horrible consequences to lives that would result. But at some point we have to draw the line. And giving them amnesty...no matter what Bush calls it...is not doing that. It is an open invitation as history has proven.

    And don't think I suppose it will EVER happen here. I'm not an idiot. I just think it SHOULD.

  5. "Allowing illegals a "path to citizenship" is rewarding them. Period."

    No, not period.
    It accomplishes two things:
    1) It identifies illegals willing to participate, leaving a remainder--those who do not participate--who may be arrested and/or deported
    2) It provides revenue from illegals' pockets to use in addressing the problem. Right now, you're mostly getting tax revenue from illegals through sales taxes. A $1,000 fine on just a million illegals raises some serious cash. Use your calculator.
    And a fine is a punishment. Period. :)

    I completely agree with you about the birthright citizenship thing. Get rid of that as soon as possible. Make it retroactive, too, while we're at it.

    "They should be deported without a single thing. All their worldly possessions should be sold and used to help pay for rounding up and deporting themselves and other illegals."

    Sold to whom? I don't need a Mexican flag or a soccer ball. Or even a statue of the Virgin of Guadaloupe. You're not going to get a whole bunch of valuable stuff from illegals, IMO. Secondhand televisions aren't worth all that much, for example, nor mattresses.

    I think that booting illegals out would stimulate lawlessness (beyond illegal presence--think about how many are here).
    Reward illegals who are willing to assimilate by allowing them a shot a citizenship (from the back of the line, lower priority than those doing it the right way). But make them pay for the reward.
    Those who do not wish to assimilate belong in a different country outside our borders.

  6. Seriously this has to be the #1, best articulation of Conservatism I have come by. I revisit your post here often and just love the passion you have for your convictions. We need more ladies like you out west here! ;-)

    Nice guns as well... I went the Glock 27 route for my CCW. ;-)


  7. Mark,

    Thanks. 27. Nice choice. I've got a 19 which I like alot.

    Kahr P9 for carry. Smaller.

  8. I like your thoughts as they are ntelligent, sound, and balanced.

    Apathy; it is splitting this country at the seams.
    Consumerism is bankrupting the American family.
    Illegal, is illegal, no other country in the world tolerates illegal/criminal immigration as the US does yet we as US citizens are treated as suspect when we cross our own border.
    There are no political leaders in this country, at present, that do not have a personal agenda before an agenda that is in the best interest of the US.
    Theodore Roosevelt was the last great President this country had.

  9. I'm against all -Gods- and all the supernatural and the separation of fairy-tales from our government/schools.

    I'm for learning from -dead white guys- but I would include tan and black guys and women.

    I'm not for -preaching abstinence- because its been proven to fail.

    I'm against -anglicizing everything- because before our great grandfathers killed most of the tribes here in America they had already named many things.

    I'm for the -death for all Islamic Terrorists- but will not limited it to Islamic.

    I'm not limited to -England, Italy and Australia. I'm for Israel-

    I'm not -deporting all illegal aliens- because Americans wont do their jobs, and because unless your an Native American you're an alien yourself

    I'm not against -multiculturalism- because the USA is the definition of a muticultural country

    I'm not afraid of -pornography-

    I'm not against -gays and women in fighting units- because everyone should have the same rights.

    I'm not against -I'm against France, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia. I'm against a Palestinian state.-

    I'm not against -the ACLU. I'm against The Nation, the New York Times and CNN- because I have an open mind and can make decisions as I go and can choose not to read subjects I don't agree with.

    I don't agree with -that America is the best man has done so far.- because you haven lived elsewhere, you are part of a country which is influenced by the religious-right and where there's are only two parties as govern ment choices... and where taxes are higher but don't offer healthcare... among other things...

    I'm against people like you....

  10. Anon...I like the last line best. It proves I'm absolutely on the right track.

  11. I did go with your recommendation with a Khar CW-9 (9mm) for my concealment. It's a bit awkward to get used to b/c of how slim it is compared to my Glock 27, but is carries very nicely. I still prefer a .40 cal though. :-\

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  14. In America, it means to "Conserve" the United States Constitution.

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