Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Someone online was asked why he supported Trump...

Why Do You Support Trump?

"Fair question. A few days after he took office, he announced they were cutting 14 Dept of Commerce agencies. If had a tiny role in creating that list in 2002. Two terms of W, nothing happened. Trump did it in two months.

Then he really started on immigration. He got $8.3 billion to build the wall. He offered deals on the rest. He did a real pro-growth tax cut that slashed corporate rates. That’s someone who wants to get it right and doesn’t care about the politics.

It’s more important than ever we be strong militarily, and Trump not only grew the budget, he chose the right systems and fixed VA. I’ve worked on over-criminalization since 2001; Trump actually addressed it.

Trump is the first president to actually understand the China problem. He imposed tariffs that crippled them and barely touched us. No way in hell Biden ever thinks of something like this.

Obama talked about being transparent; Trump’s is easily the most transparent administration in modern times. And one of the least corrupt. They get accused of all kind of stuff, but it rarely turns out to be true.

Geopolitically, we’re properly aligned again - with Israel and against Iran. We killed Soleimani, which was huge. We wiped out ISIS, left Syria, are pulling out of Afghanistan and made NATO pay up.

But more importantly, we became energy exporters, which gives us enormous leverage in Russia, which is energy based. And we’ve quit wasting money on global warning nonsense.

Smaller bore stuff too ... ending college kangaroo rape courts, Fed involvement K-12 education, reopening trade deals etc. But the odds is we stick up for us now. We’re proud again."


  1. And that's why I support him.

    Sure I have my problems with some of the things he has done, mostly creating money out of thin air, but as an Old Guy, I can't remember ever going into the polls when it wasn't a case of trade-offs between the candidates.

    If I come across someone complaining about any election being "a choice between the lesser of two evils," I tell them, "welcome to your 30s."

  2. Indeed! Well said. Trump loves our country. Nobody on the Left does anymore. And that's pretty much the deal breaker for me.

  3. The democrats are the ones who started the pandemic to overthrow Trump so they can get their money and power back. Leaked documents reveal the main players in this
    They want to do this to patriots .,.Look at this video ASAP!!!'

    1. Thanks for the link....Even without it, I absolutely believe what you said to be true, that a simple virus was made into another BLACK PLAGUE in order to hurt POTUS.