Monday, May 25, 2020

Hello Again...

Have not been here for a while. Life. It really gets in the way....hehe

Will be posting again from now on. Not every day, but more frequently than, you know, once a year.

Some of it will be my own comments. Some will be great stuff by others that I want to preserve!

Feels good to be back...



  1. Great to have you back. Trusting all is well.

    1. Hey Tony! Holy Moly! Nice to hear from you. Well, I'm cool. Just worried as hell about my country. From Russia, Russia, to Ukraine, to Impeachment, to China Virus, to's ALMOST like they're planning it...

    2. I share your concern. I'm doing most of my posting in Facebook these days. Do you have an account there?

    3. No. I've never used that platform. Is the liberal censorship as bad as on Twitter?

      I am "@SmithSinister" on Twitter, by the way.

    4. I usually post my own opinion pieces on my time line. The censorship is probably as bad as Twitter (where I don't have an account) but I don't put out sore thumbs looking for attention. I have not yet been censored, but there is always a first time.

      By the way, I'm trying to keep up with everything you have posted and I'm getting a bit frazzled. I'd like to comment but so much on my plate these days. I'll get to it eventually.

      I will say you have come back with a vengeance, and I'm happy to see that.