Thursday, September 12, 2019

I'm Okay

Hi Guys,

Sorry for the blank page for so long. I retired on February 1, 2019, and have literally had no end of physical issues since. They're not life-threatening, but they are life-disrupting.

Sorry I just dropped out of sight. Thanks for your concern. Means a lot...



  1. I for one am very glad to hear you're OK (I suppose that's certain values of "OK"). I've been wondering if you're still keeping the blog.

    I retired about a week before Christmas in '15 (company's last work day of the year). In the first six months of '16, I had a gout attack and then the biggest surgery of my life - had my gall bladder out. Independent events, I'm sure.

    I still recommend retirement to everyone.

    1. I retired 6 years ago and the demands for my "free time" increased exponentially. I need a break so I might be going back to "work".

  2. Great to hear you are all right Gunny and hoping, and praying your health issues are resolved quickly.

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