Sunday, August 05, 2018

There's Not Only One Kind of Savior

I remember President Eisenhower.

I remember the glory days of Kennedy's Camelot.

I remember watching that "one great leap for mankind" in real time huddled with parents and siblings in front of that little tube TV.

I remember exactly where I was when I heard that JFK had been shot.

I remember running home from school, and falling into the arms of my father...who had come home from work, because that day everything stood still, and America trembled, and we all needed family.

I remember that when we all came together in grief, we were not Democrats or Republicans.

We were all Americans.

And yes, even in sadness, those were good, American days.

And then... my generation, the Boomers, fucked everything up...starting in the 60's.

I remember that, too. (Well, mostly..)

When I finally saw the error of our ways in 2001—on 9/11, my redpill event—I realized how bad it was; how much the Left actually hated America...what we were up against.

We formed a Tea Party group and stood up for America.

Then the darkness fell. For eight long years.

And it was almost enough to make a patriot give up hope.

But then, in 2015, a blustering, crazy-haired, cocky loudmouth, gold-toileted businessman reality "star", who didn't care about the niceties of (what we would ultimately call) "The Swamp" blew onto the scene...much to the delight of the Left.

But as he persisted, cutting through that field of hacks and wannabes, of establishment toadies, bloated egos and entitled younger brothers, he began to sort of glow with purpose, and truth, integrity and honor, and a deep abiding love for America, and a startling realness and regular-guy-ness and down-to-earth-ness (so unlike typical politicians) that everyday Americans could feel and identify with.

And they began to trust him, and believe him, and believe IN him. And the darkness receded...and the golden glow from his crazy hair lit up our hearts with hope.

And then, of all the damned things, he won the Presidency!

And we're still celebrating for our country. And he continues to fulfill his promises, and exceed all our expectations. He is, indeed, saving America.

And I for one, thank God every day for the red-tie guy he sent to us in our hour of need.


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