Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Listen to Smart

I just finished listening to a 1.5 hour podcast by Jordan Peterson, in a conversation with Dr. Richard Haier who wrote the book, "The Neuroscience of Intelligence".

Be prepared to be on your game while listening to these guys.

Here's why:  In talking about effects of psychedelics on the brain, in a discussion of brain function Peterson referred to "dropping acid" as:

"Experimenting at the psychedelic end of the pharmaceutical universe."

Maybe the coolest description of it I've ever seen.

Yeah...he's like that.

Get smart. Find Dr. Peterson HERE.



  1. Some of this I heard a long time ago, specifically concerning synaptic density in the brain, brain "exercise" and memory enhancing chemicals, notably caffeine and nicotine. Now for a real mystery; explain free will. From the deterministic, materialist standpoint it doesn't exist. What we do is not free will, but compelled by the laws of nature (gravity, electromagnetism, strong and weak nuclear force). Seems logical but, it does not recognize quantum mechanics that shows that probability is not just a convenient mathematical tool but a real phenomena of nature. Amazing how God works and that free will can actually exist according to nature's (God's) laws.

    Good find Gunny even though I had heard much the same from other sources.

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