Monday, May 21, 2018

Did I Share This?

A local town in the SF Bay Area, San Carlos, is actually considering NOT allowing a legal business, that happens to sell firearms, to open a store in their town. 

Here's the letter I wrote to the City Crybabies, er Fathers:

"Dear Mayor Grassilli and Members of the San Carlos City Council,

I am a resident of Pacifica, and a friend to many people with children. I recently learned that the odious Turner’s Outdoorsman, the proud seller of semi-automatic, murderous assault rifles is planning to open a location in San Carlos.

The research is clear, that "free citizens" rather than, well-behaved subjects of their government have increased access to guns. That is something we cannot tolerate. Imagine what would happen if every citizen actually had the freedom to do whatever they wanted, without the wise, benevolent, powerful guidance and wisdom of those in government…

Why, it would be ANARCHY!

We must learn from our masterful predecessors who knew that access to guns made citizens uppity, free-thinking, and harder for that benevolent hand of government to control. Surely it MUST be recognized that the most safe, sane, passive, obedient, mild, and controlled citizenry were those ruled by the enlightened, "no-gun" administrations of far-sighted leaders like Castro, Pol Pot, Mao, Stalin and perhaps the best of all, Adolf Hitler, who really knew how to create a “safe” space for Germans by removing all those dangerous guns from the hands of those silly, foolish, untrained, irresponsible and potentially DANGEROUS civilian citizens.

By all means, San Carlos, please follow in these great men’s footsteps and make sure that you, too, control the childish desires of your own unsophisticated, uncivilized citizens by making sure they don’t have access to that most dangerous of tools:  The GUN!

After all, the Second Amendment was written by a bunch of Slave Owners. So I don’t think we really have to honor it, do you??

Thank you for your consideration and time,


Annie Franks"


  1. Well written but I think Leftists will dismiss it as a "crank letter". They pride themselves on being "enlightened" and of superior moral character, so any challenge to their ideas must come from an unenlightened, morally inferior character. Maybe it will strike a few nerves. It is certainly worth a try.

  2. It's never about convincing them that they're wrong. That's impossible. They're too stupid to respond to logic.It's about overwhelming them with objections, protests, letters, in the same way they do to us. We need to adopt their tactics.