Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The Short Version - No Gay Marriage...

My take on "gay marriage".

"Legal" marriage is a contract between a couple and the State. The couple is given advantages BY the State because it is possible/likely that the couple will procreate, and thereby add warriors (boys) and mothers (girls) to the the Society, to the Culture, to the Nation.

This is the deal. Marriage offers certain benefits BECAUSE the couple are potential procreators.

Homosexual couples cannot meet this requirement. Therefore the idea of special consideration by the State and a marriage contract WITH the State is obviously absurd.

It is not about LOVE.

It is about a heterosexual couple gettin' goodies 'cause it gits babies for the TRIBE.

No "gay" couple can qualify. To pretend they do, somehow—because it makes you feel virtuous—is to live in Never-Never-Land and to be ridiculous.


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