Friday, February 02, 2018

Grid Girls ARE the Victims of "Feminism"

This is my contribution to the discussion (on another site) about Formula One firing the Grid Girls. It was remarked that there was not a specific "feminist" group that attacked the Race and demanded the girls' firing. This was, it seemed to me, an attempt at a defense of "feminists" that they had not actually, actively attacked Formula One in this one instance...and an attempt to lay the blame on an entirely independent decision by the Race.

"The filthy progressive socialist PC atmosphere poisons everything. No ugly, fat, drooling "feminist" had to actually attack the race. They've just dripped their ghastly discharge all over society so that no one is immune to its effects without a stern political ideology that constantly resists the distorting pressure it applies to everyone and everything through the ubiquitous, persistent flood of approbation by the flapping gums of the press, and the consistent badgering of anyone who does not prostrate themselves before its proto-tyranny."

(And that may be the longest sentence I have ever written.)


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