Thursday, January 11, 2018

Several "Teens" Assault Older White Man; Run Over Him With His Own Car

Brilliant summation of race relations in America today, and their cause, by DUSTY GRANGER, a commenter  here.

"King’s “content of character” speech was made purely for white consumption. The vast majority of blacks I lived among in Detroit judged blacks, whites, Asian, Hispanics, based on skin color first and little more. They cared nothing about the content of white people’s character. Regardless of our white families’ histories of abolitionists, freedom fighting Union soldiers, or never being in this country till long after slavery was ended; as far as many blacks are concerned, if you’re white, you are ALL descendants of white slave masters who personally enslaved their ancestors and lynched them. The epidemic of black on white knock-out games across this country is just a small example of what these blacks think of the content of their victim’s character.

A Single Parent Sub-Culture raised on anti white animosity and envy. Triggered by their racist hatred and a righteous indignation instilled and encouraged by a Leftist Hollywood and a Public School program of Victimist Propaganda.
Empowered by Liberals and their Entitlement Mentality. Protected by the National News Media, Political Correctness and a corrupt racist former DOJ under Eric ‘My People’ Holder and Barack ‘If I Had a Son’ Obama.

Forgiven by an endless list of Affirmative Excuses and Lowered Expectations. Sanitized and Glorified beyond recognition by a fawning SJW media on TV, on the Movie screen, and in Commercials, as innocent, morally and intellectually superior, righteous, wise, paragons of humanity.

Liberals and their media having dumbed down their education, inflated their egos, encouraged their feelings of victimization, and enraged their senses, created a youth culture of stupid, self-important, angry, uncontrollable, violently racist brats."

* * *


Miichael Hansen, another commenter for the same article:

"Webster’s 21 Century Dictionary teen tēn n. An urban dweller and a person of color under the age of 20 and older than 12. May be either male or female typically volatile, violent and displaying a complete disdain for civilized society.

Usage: The teen shot the cashier in the forehead."


  1. I know it is an old saying but they need to be careful what they wish for.
    There are a lot of old men who may decide they have little to lose and decide to go hunting
    Paul in Texas

  2. Some wag said: "Some folks keep talking about another civil war. Once side has 8 trillion bullets. The other doesn't know which bathroom to use."