Thursday, November 02, 2017

Where are our FitzUrse, Morville, Tracy and Breton?

"Will no one rid me of this meddlesome Schumer?"

Apparently, the Schumer creature is against what Prez has said about the "chain migration" and the "diversity lottery" that allowed the sub-human murderer of 8 people in NYC the other day, into the country, with a virtual guarantee of permanent residency...without determining whether his presence would be good for America.

The Fascist Left seems to think that everyone, no matter how evil, bad, vicious, murderous, foul, extreme, anti-American...has a RIGHT to come to our country.

I want to know why the Left has a death wish. know what? No, no I don't.

I don't CARE why they have a death wish. I don't care if all of them drop dead right now. I just care they they don't include me, mine and my country in their insanity. And it's about damned time we stood up like men and stopped letting them run America into the ground.


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