Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Fascist Left Becomes Trendy

I hear all the noise about Judge Moore of Alabama.

But all I can hear is the screeching Left Wing Media Matters' types destroying a viable, conservative, rightwing, likely winning candidate with the latest, effective, trending, "guilty until proven innocent" accusations.

Weinstein started it. Now, any man even remotely accused of sexual harassment is assumed as guilty as he obviously is.

This is a VERY bad precedent. Especially when these accusations are DECADES old. There is no way to prove they happened...and yet no way to establish one's innocence.

Every man in America is threatened by this insanity. Every man is vulnerable to these unsubstantiated, ancient "j'accuse" from any female or any group, or any political party, or any underhanded miscreant...and his entire, life-long honest reputation can be destroyed in a moment.

We cannot let this keep happening.

If this keeps Judge Moore from getting elected...I promise you, the Left will find women that EVERY SINGLE conservative politician has, quote "sexually molested"....unquote.

How long will it be until decent citizens, and even stupid, stupid, Republicans see that the Fascist Left will use ANY MEANS NECESSARY to destroy them, the nation, the Constitution, the moral order...to establish the tyranny they so desire to rule America?



  1. Remember all the "I Believe Anita Hill" buttons? Here's the modern equivalent for our side.

  2. Thans, Wraith. Yes. Yes. Yes.