Thursday, November 02, 2017

Here's What's Wrong!

"The base of the corrupt consists of the most irredeemably ignorant. That kind of ignorance cannot be made wise, but it can be made to hate. The corrupt stand ever ready to make the ignorant hate. Thus the union of snakes and parasites, aka the rino-dino establishment, aka oligarchs and shills and dupes.

Good people slept too long while evil lay a-hatching. Now, evil is swarming. Its "religious" memes have evolved. Those memes are Mohammadism, Marxism, and Morlochian Marketism.

 Their contagions are spread by the most corrupt cronies conniving to take advantage of the most ignorant dupes. A prion is a self-propagating, misfolded conformer of a protein. These deviant and depraved memes are the carriers of large scale prionic parasites upon parasites, and they have come to infest every institution."

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