Friday, November 10, 2017

358 Years Ago...

"November 10, 1659

Persian/Afghan Islamists have constantly attacked and ravaged India for over 1,000 years. Their Jihad continues to this day.

In the Fall of November 1659. Islamist Afzal Khan began by destroying the Hindu temple of Bhavani at Tuljapur. The Islamists forces moved on to the Hindu Vittal temple at Pandharpur.  The Islamists were trying entice the Hindu army out of the mountainous areas they occupied and onto the plains, where Khan's larger army trained and equipped for warfare on plain grounds would have an absolute advantage, However, the Hindus strategically stayed in mountainous for guerilla warfare. This conflict took place in western central India.

The Persian/Afghan Islamists moved their troops to the mountains. However, the Hindu armies routed the Islamists; captured over 30 Islamists forts and doubled their liberated territory

It was the policy of the Hindus to humanely treat the defeated army, neither the men nor women were sold as slaves or molested. Wounded commanders were offered treatment deserving of their rank and either imprisoned or sent back to Bijapur. This was radically different than the Islamic forces."

(Email from Shawn Steel)

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