Thursday, October 19, 2017

Comment of the Day

Progressive is a name the Demorats are now using....

Why do Democrats STILL exist?

* Democrats started the Ku Klux Klan in opposition to the Republicans who were pushing for rights and freedom of African slaves, and many Democrat politicians are still active kkk members!

* Democrats want immigrants here for their votes, donations and to do the jobs that Americans don't want to do....keeping the plantation mindset alive.

* National Socialism, also known as Nazism is responsible for the killing of millions of Jews and keeping millions in poverty.

* Democrat activist groups like Black Lives Matter are responsible for riots, injuring hundreds of innocent people and causing property damage costing us millions.

* Prominent Democrats have copied terrorists with mock beheadings of our President and calling for blowing up the White House.

* The militant leftist group, ANTIFA (anti-fascism), are idolized by Democrats for rioting and terrorizing Americans.

* Democrats label people that oppose them as racist or having a phobia and they say OUR national anthem, OUR American flag and OUR country are racist! Dems perpetuate hate.

* Democrats demonize and are continuously negative toward our President, our voting system and our Constitution.

* Democrat-supported groups continuously push for the removal of Christian and Confederate symbols and historical artifacts.

* Democrats support the killing of millions of unborn children of all ethnicities and races....FOR PROFIT!!

* Democrats control approx. 90% of all electronic and print media, often pushing their agendas, fake news and heavily biased rhetoric.

* Democrats posing as Americans should be considered domestic terrorists and treated as such.

--Steve Lukas

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