Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Comment of the Day

On a thread about Jimmy Kimmel saying ALL GUN OWNERS are responsible for the Vegas shooting...

"Why didn't a Democratic Congress with a Democratic President pass gun control legislation that they say would solve this?

France has more gun control than we do and they experienced FIVE TIMES the amount of shootings than the US during the Obama presidency.

When was the first gun control legislation first proposed?
By the Democrats to curtail the 2nd Amendment of newly freed slaves (ie black people) in order to keep them from defending themselves against lynchings. VERY TELLING.

Who created the 2nd Amendment? The founding fathers who witnessed & experienced oppressive government (England) which disarmed American citizens so that it could bully them through use of force.

Why was the 2nd Amendment created? Not for hunting. Not to protect ourselves from criminals (though that is a good side effect). It was to ensure that Americans would never be oppressed by the government as before. Arming the people directly is the best way to defend all their rights to life, liberty, and fruits of their labor.

What happens historically when modern totalitarian regimes come to power? Disarming the populous by making guns illegal. (Why? Because the 2nd Amendment works as a deterrent against tyranny.) Think about it. If the deep state is trying to De-legitimize the free election of our current president. Why wouldn't it also work to disarm us?

How can the American people be disarmed? Through force? No. By tricking them into supporting gun control and giving up their 2nd Amendment willingly. These shooting events (whether false flag or legitimate) are being used towards this agenda by people who do not want the will of the people to have the power in this country."

by Crap Cutter

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