Thursday, August 17, 2017

Yay Prez. Strength and Courage!

Just want to throw my two cents out there.

Obviously the left, the Rinos, the Democrats (but I repeat myself), are hysterical over nothing....

...or worse, are acting hysterical while demanding that President Trump and apparently the Entire White World pretend that the criminal, violent, racist rioters of "Antifa" (an oxymoron if ever there was one) are peaceful protesters who are against racism and for individual rights...

....sorry, couldn't type there for a minute I was laughing so hard at that last sentence.

Since that is patently false, stupid, a lie, a leftist pretense, Orwellian Newspeak...they're not going to get it from any sane person.

The good thing about this that it separates the marshmallow patsy-boys from the men.

Anybody who buys into and repeats the un-American, antifa bullshit can be dismissed as a unreliable ally in the fight to Make America Great Again.

This is a good thing. The weenies are exposing themselves, and we now know whom we can count on, and whom we can ignore as pussies and snowflakes; who will have tantrums and scream, riot, burn and destroy—but only in mobs in Blue urban centers where the bureaucrats will protect them from the police.

They are not actually dangerous.

But we need to beware their corporate and deep-state allies. And they are now ALSO exposing themselves by their lying, hypocritical accusations of Prez (who is merely stating the unvarnished, unbiased, inarguable truth) and attacking anyone who doesn't want to see our history destroyed by the Left in their uncivilized hatred...which, by the way, is identical to the muzlims' ignorant 7th century tribalism, which fosters the tearing down of historic monuments wherever they go.

Ignorant gangs both.

Oh, and...anyone who reads this as an apology for Neo-Nazism is a retard & idiot and not worthy of concerning myself with; go fuck yourself.


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