Sunday, August 13, 2017

Diversity or Equality: You Can't Have Both

Google engineer James Damore was fired for seeking open dialogue on the company’s diversity policies.

This article at American Thinker, both clarifies and bolsters his argument - in a way that makes it clear he was entirely correct - and said NONE OF THE THINGS his critics and the press have attributed to him.

It's important to understand the issue, as it will arise time and again in our currently insane culture.

The underlying point is that you can't have both "diversity" and "equality". It is logically and practically impossible. To understand this—just another in a series of idiocies by the Left—read this.

It's acutally good for the brain to be fed this clarity of thought and logic!


 * * *

P.S. Here are some alternatives to Google Search (now that we find they are even messing with how search results show up, prioritizing left wing sites and hiding Right Wing ones!

Which, as I understand it, stands for, "Because It's Not Google". Which makes me smile everytime. It's by Microsoft. (I've made Bing my homepage and only search with their engine.) Their background images are GREAT!

Duck Duck Go 
(entirely private search - they don't follow you around AT ALL!)


This one uses Google to search, but makes you anonymous before it Google can't track ANYTHING about you. Still get the biased results of a Google search, but at least they can't follow you around.

And just because it sounds cool, here's a privacy service:  Private.Me 

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