Friday, July 28, 2017

Prez's "Approval" Rating

Rassmusen is tracking the popularity of Prez.

They say his approval rating is at 41%.

Given the constant, endless negative stories about him in the pervasive progressive/leftist cockroach media, that actually ain't bad.

By all rights, considering the biased, one-sided, endlessly hysterical bashing he's receiving, his approval rating should be about 10%—if that.

We might actually conclude he's doing GREAT!

Apparently, the leftist attempted soft coup has not yet borne fruit.

Let's make sure it stays that way.

Of more interest, however, were these nuggets:

"Just 23% think the U.S. military’s decision to allow open transgenders to serve is good for the military.

With the GOP-controlled Senate stumbling over efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare, voters are now more likely to believe Republicans in Congress are the bigger problem for Trump than Democrats are. 
Most Republicans say GOP members of Congress have lost touch with their party's voters from throughout the nation. Republican voters say they relate more to the president’s political views than those of their party's representatives in Congress"

Is it possible more people love Prez than are willing to say so, because they're rather intimidated by the pounding, badmouthing and condemnation he's receiving by the entire media, the loud-mouth communists that are the Democrat paty, as well as idiots like McCain and his cabal of traitorous Republicans.


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