Thursday, June 15, 2017

From American Thinker

"The Democrat Party (the Left) has a vision, which is that everything will be just peachy keen if only we would maximize the following (in alphabetical order):
Abolition of private property
Abolition of tradition
Affirmative Action
Aid and comfort for America’s enemies
"Alternative lifestyles"
Anti conservative speech
Anti school-choice
Appeasement of America’s enemies
Assisted suicide
Bondage and sado-masochism workshops in universities
Citizenship for known terrorists
Coddling of Criminals
Death taxes
Defeat for the U.S. (Priority #1)
Defiance of legitimate authority
Distribution of condoms in K-12 
Diversity (except viewpoint)
Female masturbation workshops in universities
Glorification of debauchery
Godless Marxism
Gun Control
"Hate" crimes laws
Hate for the Christian religion 
Hate for those of faith (except Islamics and Islamic bombers)
Homosexual special rights
Individual human will (will to power) being the ultimate good
Intolerance of all that is good, right, and successful
K-12 Indoctrination into Godless Marxism
K-12 Indoctrination into homosexuality
K-12 sex education
Lack of moral clarity
Moral equivalency
Moral Relativism
Obliteration of God from the public square
Parole of vicious criminals
Pedophilia (except by Catholic priests and Republicans)
Pornography in public schools
Racial quotas
Radical egalitarianism
Redistribution of OTHER peoples’ money
Release of known terrorists
Same-sex "marriage"
Sodomy (again, except by Catholic priests and Republicans)
Speech codes
Tolerance of evil
Tolerance Über Alles
Turning Violent Criminals into Victims
Turning Victims of Violent Crime into Criminals
UN one-world government
Uni-sex restrooms
Unlimited government
Unlimited taxation
"Victimless" crimes
Voting rights for aliens (legal or otherwise)
Voting rights for felons
Of course they expect the hard-working middle class to pay for all this; then they have the nerve to call "divisive" those opposed to their programs.
As one poster put it, "It is the democrats’ obsession with death and communism that is the prime mover of such dementia."
All this from a Party that claims it wants to prevent some from "forcing their beliefs on others" and for individuals to have “freedom of choice.” 
I never heard it put any better."
American Thinker

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