Wednesday, May 10, 2017


A coup d'etat is underway in America.

Members of the Progressive Left (Communists) among the Democrats and their   constituent interest groups in collusion with the Mainstream Media are industriously attempting to overthrow the legally and duly elected President of the United States.

And if we, the citizens, let them, it will be the end of America

The anti-American acts perpetrated, tolerated and encouraged by the Left in pursuit of their political agenda, utterly at odds with the Constitution of the United States of America, calls for trials for treason, not silence and political encouragement by the citizenry.

How long until we are ruled by a oligarchy like Europe or the Soviet Union?

Or a dictatorship like Cuba and Venezuela and North Korea?

If we continue to permit the outrages currently being committed against the Constitutionally elected president—whether you like him or not—it will not be long until the concept of "Constitutional Republic" is a vague and distant memory.

WARNING. We are on the brink of losing America.

Either we become silent sheep and let the ravenous wolves rule us, or we stand up for the principles we SAY we believe in, and defend the nation against those trying to tear it to pieces in their own mad need for money, status and power.

Which will it be, Americans.



  1. I know what my choice is...See ya at the Barry-cades..

  2. I hope more than appear to, agree with us, and will ACT when necessary!