Wednesday, February 01, 2017

The TRUMP Effect...

President Trump Has Liberals in a Full-Fledged Panic

Liberal America – including Democrats, social justice warriors, the media, and more than a few Republicans – were holding on to one last hope when Donald Trump took the oath of office on January 20. They had failed in their attempts to defeat him in the primaries. They failed to destroy him in the general election. And they failed to persuade the Electoral College to choose someone else. But they held onto one last, thin hope: Once president, Trump would not actually govern the way he had campaigned. His liberal colors would bleed through and he would be easily manipulated by the powerful Washington establishment.

They apparently put quite a lot of stock into this belief, because they appear stunned to realize that it isn’t coming true. President Trump came to Washington ready to work. He’s not just governing in a manner consistent with his campaign message; he’s running the country like the 2020 election will be held in March. At this rate, he’ll have satisfied all of his commitments to supporters by the end of the year. Maybe he’s planning to wrap this up and relax for the remainder of his presidency.

But Trump’s frenetic pace has his opponents in a full-fledged panic. While Democrats were lazily mocking him for his inauguration crowd and his lack of top-shelf concert entertainment, Trump was getting busy on the people’s work. On immigration, national security, healthcare, regulations, and jobs, he’s already done more for this country than Barack Obama did in eight years. And liberals are losing their minds. Holy crap…the guy is doing exactly what he said he would do!
When you put it like that, it sounds funny. After all, what else would you expect? But we can’t really blame Democrats for being surprised. After all, this is not the way it works in Washington. You go out on the trail and you promise the world and you get the votes and you…proceed to do something entirely different once you’re in office. Sure, maybe you throw a bone or two to your base, but the voters are conditioned not to expect too much. They’ll give you a break. It’s just the way things are.

Well, times are changing. Trump is forging a new path and he’s building a new template for the U.S. presidency. He will face roadblocks. He will not succeed in every endeavor. But he will try – and that already makes him a unique breed of politician.

They are right to be panicking. The old order is no more.

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