Monday, February 06, 2017

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In my opinion, Liberals, Leftists, Progressives, & Democrats have proven to be the true parties of violence, chaos, destruction, & hate who it seems would not hesitate to kill to win elections.

They have no ethics, honor, integrity, values, morals, compassion or respect for others as evidenced by the protesters’ (including actors/singers like Ashley Judd, Madonna, various crap Rap artists, etc. spouting the most horrific/vile foul language full of fabricated lies that threaten violence) total disregard for the well-being of others by blocking streets/highways thus delaying emergency vehicles/personnel, people trying to get to work, travelers trying to get to airports, etc. which not only angered those affected/inconvenienced but likely damaged their party & their causes. Many politically illiterate & likely bussed in and/or paid while not knowing all of the facts about why or what they are even protesting for/against & "Fake News Outlets" reporting/printing fabricated/outright lies & half-truths in their attempts to damage the President & stoke the flames of dissent. Lies they are repeatedly forced to retract, which they do with much less enthusiasm then when originally reporting/printing these fabrications, outright lies, & half-truths.

Anti-Trump Protesters Block Ambulance Rushing to Hospital

They are beyond vile/encompass all that is negative in society & proved that despite committing tremendous voter fraud they cannot win based on their stated agenda/vision for the future of the country.

"You can't put the genie back in the bottle" thus they can never again claim to be the party of tolerance, acceptance, inclusiveness, & champions of the poor/middle class, working families, or Americans in general. They have destroyed themselves, their party, & any hope of ever leading this nation again.

We had a Democrat in office for the last 8 years who all but destroyed the US, the Middle East, & by extension Europe & yet they still feel entitled to have another Democrat in office.

They tried repeatedly to overturn the election; calling 63,000,000+ of us ignorant/uneducated low information voters while insisting that we made a “mistake” in electing Donald Trump & that it was up to them to correct it.

They issued death threats against & suggested bribing electors to get them to change their votes, blamed foreigners (the Russians) for their supposed interference while Obama himself suggested that foreigners (illegals) could vote without fear of prosecution, demanded recounts (after having admitted on video to rigging/stealing elections via voter fraud for 50 years) which resulted in more votes for Donald Trump & uncovered proof of their fraud and yet they had the gall to suggest changing the electoral process to allow for the person with the most votes to lead.

They ignored the will of the people, & employed every single tactic imaginable, including violence to bully/silence those who disagreed with their agenda.
Trump supporters/voters, innocent bystanders, & businesses had their personal property damaged/destroyed while they themselves were attacked, assaulted, beaten, & shot. They carried "Love Trumps Hate" signs during their "peaceful protests" while continuing their physical assaults, tried to delegitimize a duly elected President, are violently protesting/throwing temper tantrums en masse in hopes that the election will be overturned/invalidated, while Obama's leftover administration & "#neverTrumpers" are bending over backwards to sabotage President Trump by leaking sensitive information, suggesting he should be “impeached”/assassinated & suggesting a “military coup” for what amounts to enforcing existing laws to keep the country/citizens safe, using the judicial system that they stacked via the "nuclear option" with liberal justices/friends (in the case of Schumer) to circumvent his executive orders, & government employees whose salaries are paid by the taxpayers have threatened to slow down/sabotage President Trump in their own way.

All of this while they chant “THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE”!
Democratic operatives said that violence against our own citizens was sanctioned at the highest levels of their Party.

UNDERCOVER VIDEO: Hillary Clinton Personally Directed Plan to Incite of Violence at Trump Rallies /corner/441406/undercover-video-hillary-clinton-personally-coordinated-plan-incite-violence-trump

Kaine: Democrats Have to ‘Fight in the Streets’ Against Trump

Democratic leaders have yet to speak out against the destruction, violence, & attacks thus signaling their tacit approval of such tactics & Hillary Clinton herself said she supports the protests.

These instigators (Democrats) seek to divide & pit our citizens against each other by labeling those who disagree with their agenda/vision as privileged, racists, homophobes, nativists, populists, anti-Immigrant, bigots, xenophobes, fascists, white supremacists, imperialists, sexist, misogynist, islamophobic, anti-Semitic, transphobic, brown shirts, Nazis, KKK members, deplorable, irredeemable, ignorant, idiots, fools, simpletons, drug addicts (per Bill Maher), etc., tactics employed by those who lack the intelligence/maturity to make a logical argument. Their list of negative labels is endless while they offer nothing constructive, positive, or uplifting & EVEN ATTACKED THEIR OWN MERELY FOR SUGGESTING THAT TRUMP SHOULD BE GIVEN AN OPPORTUNITY TO LEAD.

It seems they won't be satisfied until they start a war on US soil with Americans on both sides.

The depth/breadth of their scheming, lying, corruption, & theft is worse than we ever imagined, because they are willing to go to lengths that the majority of us would never have thought possible, including staging their own attacks & blaming those on the right.

They have been unmasked & this election taught us, without a doubt, that they pose the greatest threat to “free speech” and honest, fair, & safe elections in the US with their unethical, immoral, & inhumane tactics akin to 3rd world dictators (Fascists). Apparently, supporting/voting for a Republican/Conservative or demanding “free speech” can result in tremendous property damage/destruction & serious bodily harm/death.

The fact that they would sanction/direct violence against our own citizens leaves no doubt that they lack the maturity to lead this nation!

They seek to force acceptance of their immoral agenda, via the destruction of organized religion, on the entire country a.k.a. "Fascism" while demanding that we pay the cost regardless of our differing views, values, & beliefs.
The sports & entertainment industries allow the left to spout off about their personal political views to captive audiences & via television/movies/ads with their obvious subliminal messages while attacking those on the right which only results in reduced ratings/ticket sales. Then of course we have large corporations like Starbucks, Target, Facebook, Microsoft, Google, etc. taking their customers for granted (as they demand access to cheaper labor) peddling liberal political views that we neither care about nor will we be manipulated by! They obviously consider themselves “too big to fail” while we know all too well that there are other options (local options) that would welcome/appreciate our business without all the political bullsh*t.

Chuck Schumer said “Democrats would work with President-elect Donald Trump only if he “moves completely in our direction & abandons his Republican colleagues” a.k.a. "Fascism" while Tim Kaine said Democrats would use the "nuclear option" to fill seats on the Supreme Court if Hillary was elected.
THEY CLEARLY SEEK A ONE PARTY COUNTRY FOREVER (FASCISM), THEIR PARTY, however, it appears that their only remaining path to power is through the destruction of our sovereignty via the legalization of millions of illegals/"refugees" regardless of the danger/financial cost to our own citizens. They fight harder for the protection/care of criminal illegal aliens (pedophiles, rapists, & murderers) & potentially dangerous “refugees” (demanding millions/billions for their sanctuary cities from the taxpayers) than they have ever fought for our own citizens, the very people they claim to champion.

They are, in essence, holding the country/our citizens’ hostage with their actions, threatening to burn it to the ground lest we cede control to them.


On these points, we are absolutely united!

(This comment isn’t worth posting if those reading it don't share it with others in part or as is. I am an American first/foremost by birth as were generations of my family. Neither Democrat nor Republican. Dispelling the lie that Trump’s base was made up of all “white” people.)


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