Tuesday, January 24, 2017

On the Stupid Bitch March - Internet Notes...

SusanDiane0351 writes:

The marches on Saturday were formed months ago thinking Hillary would be the President.

As a commenter on Facebook, Amos Lane, wrote:

People are wondering why are liberal women protesting, I didn’t say anything earlier because I thought people already knew why. These groups that came out today originally was planned to celebrate Hillary as president. It was supposed to be a world celebration of the “first woman president of the U.S.” But Hillary didn’t win and a lot of money was already spent months in advance so they spread the word and changed their celebration into a protest against Trump. I first took note of it back in August 2016, reading articles of how the world was going to celebrate Hillary. I didn’t think much of it back then, all these Democrat run cities plans fell through because their queen “Hillary” lost. What do they do now? Well, like most liberals that lose you throw a temper tantrum, their world celebration of their chosen queen is gone.

This was supposed to be a world celebration of feminists. This was to be a global march for feminists. Something like this isn’t planned overnight. It would be naive to think so.

* * *

Of course you're right. This kind of thing doesn't spring up overnight and up to the night of the election the organizers and participants all expected it to be a massive celebration of the first female crook to be POTUS. Those stupid pink hats themselves took novice knitters weeks to make or commission. Apparently several yarn stores ran out of that color wool. Code pink reborn. These women were going to celebrate a woman of mediocrity who failed her first bar exam, got away with insider trading, rode to every job she ever had on the coat tails of her more charismatic husband, defended that husband even when he committed multiple sexual assaults while in political office and demonized his victims while calling herself a champion of women's rights. And apparently math IS hard for these women, the math of figuring out how many US agents Hellary got killed in addition to her Benghazi tally through her treasonous private hackable email server put in place to cover up her Clinton Fraudation pay to play scheme. Talk about frigging hypocrites choosing Hellary the Liar, Traitor and Incompetent as their feminist icon. - Drew

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