Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Guest blog: The Reality of the Left

"First off, there is a large portion of the left who are basically low achievers. They are the useful idiots who supply the bulk of the votes needed by the left to retain power. These lemmings "believe" because the left gives them a way to legitimize their failures...to rationalize away the fact that individually they are unable or unwilling to participate in society and succeed at the level they aspire to.

Rather than looking at their short comings honestly and overcoming their deficiencies this group finds comfort in the rationalized constructs the left gives them. The left allows them to assess blame to the "other" rather than to themselves and still feel good about themselves. The concept of "white privilege" works for them....add "male" to "white privilege" and you have a rationalization which can be used by over half the population to soothe their egos every time they fail....and fail they will because failure is endemic to mankind.

The problem is, that failure should lead to self-reflection and change, but for those on the left who have accepted the idea that their personal failures are not their own, but societies' they fail to adapt. The convenient rationalizations of the left allows individuals to wallow in self-pity rather than use their discomfort as motivation to grow and develop the skills they need to become successful.

Another large faction on the left is comprised of narcissists. These are the talking heads, college professors and educated elites tasked with setting policy for large organizations and distributing information to the public.. They necessarily live in a world of constructed of rationalizations. They are perfect. Everything they do is right. When they fail or their ideas are proven wrong, it is not because they are wrong, it is because the larger society they live in is wrong. These are the people we see on camera and read in print who would rather blame a fictional Russian boogyman than admit they got it wrong.

Then there are the do-gooders who are discomforted by the inequities they see around them. They have completely bought into the ideas sold by the elites on the left to explain away the failures of the first group. Unfortunately, this group has been indoctrinated to believe the solution to all of society's ills is to empower the elites to reach into their neighbor's pocket, take the fruits of his labor and redistribute it in any way they find more equitable. This last group has bought into the idea that complaining about something and demanding society et large do something about it...is actually doing something about the problem. This allows them to feel good about themselves without actually lifting a finger to help anyone."


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