Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Comment of the Day - Voter Fraud by Democrats


"Democrats & their operatives admitted “ON VIDEO”, no less, to rigging/stealing elections via massive voter fraud for over 50 years.

“ 'You know what? We’ve been busing people in to deal with you f—ing a—–es for 50 years, and we’re not going to stop now,' said Scott Foval, the national field director for Americans United for Change.'

"Rigging the Election - Video II: Mass Voter Fraud:
https://www.youtube.com /watch?v=hDc8PVCvfKs

"Rigging the Election – Video III: Creamer Confirms Hillary Clinton Was PERSONALLY Involved:
https://www.youtube.com /watch?v=EEQvsK5w-jY

"This election Hillary got more votes than is mathematically possible in 37% (248) of the precincts in Detroit & who knows how many other liberal bastions across the US, VA Gov. Terry McAuliffe granted voting rights to 60,000+ felons to swing the vote in favor of Hillary, Democrats admitted destroying votes for Trump, potentially millions of illegals cast ballots (800,000+ in CA have IDs/Drivers Licenses that are almost identical to those of U.S. citizens, by design according to some.) thus her claims of winning the popular vote are questionable.

"They blamed foreigners (the Russians) for their supposed interference while Obama himself suggested that foreigners (illegals) could vote in our elections without fear of prosecution.

"Obama Encourages Illegals to Vote:

"They also seem to think that we have forgotten about "ACORN" who committed many of the acts listed below on behalf of Obama!
If Democrats could win in honest/fair elections based on their stated agenda/vision for the future of the country, then there would be no reason to/for;

"1. Rig/Steal elections, which they have admitted to doing on video for at least 50 years & even elaborated on their methods.

"2. Commit fraud by voting multiple times or in the names of dead people.

"3. Bus people from state to state all over the country to cast fraudulent ballots. (Admitted to)

"4. Suggest that illegals could vote without fear of prosecution. (Obama did)

"5. Terry McAuliffe to grant voting rights to 60,000+ felons to swing the vote in favor of Hillary.

"6. Destroy ballots cast for their opponents. (Admitted to)

"7. So called “calibration” problems on voting machines that result in switched votes. (video proof available)

"8. Provide those here illegally with drivers licenses almost identical to that of our own citizens thus making it easier to vote. Case in point, CA.

"9. Change voting laws to allow all mail in ballots for which there is no requirement of proof of citizenship or IDs & eliminate provisional ballots. (see CO voting laws)

"10. Steal the ballots of other citizens to vote in their names. (DNA of Democrats was discovered all over stolen ballots)
"11. Go dumpster diving for blank ballots that could be filled out & submitted. (suggested on undercover video)

"12. Drive around in buses picking up the homeless/semi-conscious, paying them, & driving them to the polls to vote. (some claimed to have been bribed with cigarettes.)

"13. Pick up alzheimers patients & people with the mentality of children, coach them in voting, & drive them to the polls.. (During Obama's 1st election)

"14. Transport high school students to polling places to vote in “mock exercises” under the guise of teaching them about the voting process much less planning on doing it statewide. (Were caught which is what prevented them from doing it statewide.)

"15. Campaign staff to vote in multiple states as they drive cross country on campaign buses. (Uncovered by students at palestra.net in OH & confronted by the Secretary of State.)

"16. Republican judges to be physically forced out of polling places & having to get a court order to get back in. (in PA)

"17. Wait until the last minute to flood/overwhelm polling places making it easier to commit/get away with fraud.

"18. Submit last minute ballots conveniently found in the trunk of someone’s car.

"19. The “Black Panthers” to position themselves outside of polling places to intimidate the voters of their opponents.

"20. Submit thousands of fraudulent signatures to get their candidates on the ballot.

"21. Obama & Eric Holder to sue states to prevent them from removing the dead & confirmed illegal aliens from their voter rolls.

"22. Sue to prevent states from requiring photo IDs for those casting ballots.

"23. Let thousands/millions claim park benches as their home addresses with no viable proof of their status or even identification when registering to vote. (Under Obama)

"24. Reduce resident requirements in states across the country for voting purposes.. Case in point, CO.

"25. Allow individuals to simply sign a document attesting that they are legally eligible to vote rather than providing a government issued ID of some sort.

"26. Accidentally leaving the names of their opponents off of ballots.

"27. Politicizing/weaponizing up to 15 different government agencies & using them against those on the right to coerce, harass, & threaten. Case in point, the IRS targeting conservatives at the direction of Democrats.

"28. Lie/purposely hide the truth from the American people about their actions. Case in point, Benghazi.

"29. Divide & pit Americans against each other with labels like, privileged, racists, homophobes, nativists, populists, anti-Immigrant, bigots, xenophobes, fascists, white supremacists, imperialists, sexist, misogynist, islamophobic, anti-Semitic, transphobic, brown shirts, deplorable, irredeemable, Nazis, KKK members, etc. (Apparently no constructive, positive or uplifting labels to offer.)

"30. Politicize/indoctrinate children via the educational system with their leftist political biases, spin, & lies.

"31. Damage/destroy the property of & harass, attack, assault, beat, & shoot conservatives/Republicans.

32. Make death threats against or suggest bribing members of the Electoral College to try to force them to change their votes.

33. Give Amnesty, Citizenship, &voting rights to millions of criminal illegal aliens & flood the country with even more so called "refugees" who share their vision for the country regardless of the danger it poses to our own citizens.

"34. Have people going door to door to pick up the completed ballots of others to turn them in under the guise of convenience a.k.a. "harvesting ballots" and file lawsuits when prevented from being allowed to do so. (party affiliation records are available online)

"35. Infiltrate your opponents peaceful rallies with pre-planned/staged violence & chaos, claim unprovoked attacks on your own constituents, then have the lamestream media claim the attacks were at the behest of your opponent as a way of undercutting him. (Undercover video proof available)

"36. Hire mobs/so called "protesters" to block streets/highways to prevent people from either attending your opponents rallies or stopping them from taking place altogether by threatening extreme violence/chaos.

"37. George Soros to (admittedly) hire paid MOBS a.k.a. "protestors" to try to overturn the election.

"38. Suggest a duly elected President is not legitimate as a way of destroying him before he is even sworn in.

"They now fear/seek to stop a voter fraud investigation, (which could include millions of illegals) claiming voter fraud is non-existent when you would think they would relish the idea of humiliating Donald Trump by proving him wrong.

"Democrats pose the greatest threat to honest, fair, & safe elections in the US & their tactics are unethical, immoral, and inhumane thus akin to those of dictators in 3rd world banana republics. We now know the lengths to which they are willing to go to win/steal elections.

"We've had a Democrat in office for the last 8 years who has all but destroyed the US, the Middle East, & by extension Europe & yet they still feel entitled to have another Democrat in office. (If these loudmouthed bullies had their way, the US would be a one party country forever, their party!)

"Now they are bending over backwards to destroy the incoming President elect by creating problems that will detrimentally affect not only our own nation but others thus proving that they are the true party of destruction & hate. They encompass all that is negative/evil in society.

"Yet they still have the gall to question the legitimacy of Donald Trump's election???

They deal with their losses by changing the rules, laws, regulations, or simply ignoring the Constitution to benefit themselves a.k.a. “moving the ball”.
(We have 2 years to educate others about the danger that Democrats pose to the country & our citizens. This comment isn’t worth posting if it is not shared with others. We must not forget all of the hate spewed by the left when 2018 rolls around.)"


No wonder they're stunned, taken aback, and unbelieving that Donald Trump won the election. When you cheat THAT much...you surely expect to win.

Having put so much effort into rigging, hustling, cheating and lying, they clearly feel as though they DESERVED to win...having "worked so hard"...

You can't make this stuff up. These people are literally (and I do mean that literally) INSANE.

Thank God most Americans are not.


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Here's her next comment. I just get better...

Why Democrats should never be allowed to lead this country again..........

Liberals, Leftists, Progressives, & Democrats have proven to be the true parties of violence, chaos, destruction, & hate who it seems would not hesitate to kill to win elections. They have no ethics, honor, integrity, values, or morals, & are completely disrespectful as evidenced by their total disregard for the well-being of others during their protests which has angered those who were affected/inconvenienced thus doing more damage to their party & their causes.

(blocking streets/highways delaying emergency vehicles/personnel from reaching their destinations) More often than not the majority are protesting without knowing all of the facts, why/what they are protesting for/against, & have been bussed in/paid to protest. They are beyond vile, encompass all that is negative in society & this election has proven that despite tremendous voter fraud, Democrats cannot win based on their stated agenda/vision for the future of the country.

"You can't put the genie back in the bottle" thus Democrats can never again claim to be the party of tolerance, acceptance, inclusiveness, champions of the poor/middle class, working families, or Americans in general based on their stated immigration agenda. They have destroyed themselves, their party, & any hope of ever leading this nation again.

We had a Democrat in office for the last 8 years who all but destroyed the US, the Middle East, & by extension Europe & yet they still feel entitled to have another Democrat in office.

They tried repeatedly to overturn the election; calling 63,000,000+ of us ignorant/uneducated low information voters while insisting that we made a “mistake” in electing Donald Trump & that it was up to them to correct it.

They issued death threats against & suggested bribing electors to get them to change their votes, blamed foreigners (the Russians) for their supposed interference in the election while Obama himself suggested that foreigners (illegals) could vote without fear of prosecution, demanded recounts which resulted in more votes for Donald Trump & the discovery of Democratic voter fraud, ignored the will of the people, & employed every single tactic imaginable to bully/silence those who disagreed with their agenda. Trump supporters/voters & numerous innocent bystanders had their personal property damaged & destroyed while they themselves were attacked, assaulted, beaten, & shot. They carried "Love Trumps Hate" signs during their "peaceful protests" while continuing their attacks, tried to delegitimize a duly elected President, which also failed & now it appears that their plan is to protest/throw temper tantrums en masse in hopes that the election will be overturned/invalidated.

All of this while they chant “THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE”.

According to Democratic operatives violence was sanctioned at the highest levels of the Democratic Party.

UNDERCOVER VIDEO: Hillary Clinton Personally Directed Plan to Incite of Violence at Trump Rallies:
http://www.nationalreview.com /corner/441406/undercover-video-hillary-clinton-personally-coordinated-plan-incite-violence-trump

Never once did we hear Democratic leaders speak out against the destruction & violence.

Those who disagreed with their agenda/vision were labeled privileged, racists, homophobes, nativists, populists, anti-Immigrant, bigots, xenophobes, fascists, white supremacists, imperialists, sexist, misogynist, islamophobic, anti-Semitic, transphobic, brown shirts, Nazis, KKK members, deplorable, irredeemable, ignorant, idiots, fools, simpletons, drug addicts (per Bill Maher), etc., tactics employed by those who lack the intelligence/maturity to make a logical argument. Their list of negative labels is endless while they offer nothing constructive, positive, or uplifting & EVEN ATTACKED THEIR OWN MERELY FOR SUGGESTING THAT TRUMP SHOULD BE GIVEN AN OPPORTUNITY TO LEAD.

Chuck Schumer said “Democrats would work with President-elect Donald Trump only if he “moves completely in our direction & abandons his Republican colleagues” while Tim Kaine said Democrats would use the "nuclear option" to fill seats on the Supreme Court if Hillary was elected.

The depth/breadth of their scheming, lying, corruption, & theft is worse than we ever imagined, because they are willing to go to lengths that the majority of us would never have thought possible.

They have been unmasked & this election taught us, without a doubt, that they pose the greatest threat to honest, fair, & safe elections in the US with their unethical, immoral, & inhumane tactics akin to those of dictators in 3rd world banana republics because, apparently, supporting/voting for a Republican/Conservative can be life threatening.

Lacking the maturity/respect for others, that comes with adulthood to restrain themselves from committing such violent acts shows that they also lack the maturity to lead.

Concerned with Donald Trump having the nuclear codes, they have proven that it is they who will attack in an uncontrolled fit of rage when they don't get their way.
These loudmouthed bullies clearly seek a one party country forever, their party; while greedy/power hungry Democrats now realize that their only remaining path to power is through the destruction of our sovereignty via the legalization of millions of illegals & so called "refugees" regardless of the danger/financial cost to our own citizens. They fight harder for the protection/care of foreigners (demanding millions/billions for their sanctuary cities from the taxpayers) than they have ever fought for their own constituents, the very people they claim to champion.

Obama Encourages Illegals to Vote
N.Y. lawmaker aims to give voting rights to illegal immigrants

http://www.reuters.com /article/us-usa-new-york-votingrights-idUSKBN0ER2KU20140616
3rd time a charm? San Francisco to try yet again to give illegal immigrants voting rights

http://www.msn.com /en-us/news/politics/3rd-time-a-charm-san-francisco-to-try-yet-again-to-give-illegal-immigrants-voting-rights/vp-AAgOeP2
Most Democrats Think Illegal Immigrants Should Vote

http://www.rasmussenreports.co... /public_content/politics/general_politics/may_2015/most_democrats_think_illegal_immigrants_should_vote
They fear/seek to stop a voter fraud investigation, claiming voter fraud is non-existent while they have admitted on video to rigging/stealing elections for over 50 years & seek to stop Donald Trump from banning/deporting thousands/millions of potentially dangerous criminal illegal aliens & “refugees” from countries that promote terrorism from entering the U.S.

You would think they would relish the opportunity to prove Donald Trump wrong on voter fraud & wonder why they wouldn’t want to stop potentially dangerous illegal aliens & “refugees” from entering the country.

They seek to force acceptance of their immoral agenda, via the destruction of organized religion, on the entire country while demanding that we pay the cost regardless of our differing views/beliefs.


On these points, we are absolutely united!

(This comment isn’t worth posting if it is not shared with others in part or as is. I am neither Democrat nor Republican but there is no denying the truth/reality. Those who don't appreciate what I have written or feel it is too long are free to ignore it/block me.)

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