Friday, January 27, 2017


This is hilarious.

California marxists are so freaking out about President Trump's election that they are seriously attempting to get California to secede from the Union.

The reason it's so funny is that for some time, among the most freedom-loving right wing Tea-Partiers, secession has been a topic of some consideration.

Thinking about the requirements, the geography involved, working out what areas to leave/stay, and the determined, intense resistance by big government globalists expected, made it a daunting project.

But now, the Globalist, Stalinist, Dystopian Left is doing it for us.

The single biggest problem for the Right in national elections is California. There are too many idiot leftists and sheeple—and non-citizens— voting here; and entirely too many electoral votes which ALWAYS go to the democrat candidate no matter how evil, idiotic, absurd, vile or criminal...a major factor in every election.

Removing that dark, looming shadow from national elections would make them more fair, more competitive, and in fact, more American, as fewer non-citizens would be voting.

It does mean I'd have to move, of course, being an inmate of the State. But I can't help but imagine what my property value would the San Francisco Bay Area (West Side), when all the communists from around the country come clamoring to buy a home in the New "Utopia"!

Nice little retirement bonus!

Oh please, please make it happen, loony leftists!

It would be great for America, finally shedding this fiscal, intellectual, political, social, moral disaster...and great for my person finances.


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