Monday, January 23, 2017

American Thinker has a great piece on President Trump's inauguration speech. The author, Howard J. Warner, completely nails it...

...and the stupid liberal/GOPe reaction to it:

The inauguration of Donald J. Trump as the 45th president of the United States marks a new paradigm for our nation.  While the pundits will parse every word of his 16-minute speech, most will miss the embedded meaning of federalism, patriotism, hope, and freedom expressed in the voice of a successful businessman.  Journalists attack the implications of his speech, but will fail to get the deeper meanings from a man of action.  Ideologues on both sides have rejected Trump's assertion that we must put America first, but the electorate marginalized their objections in 2016.

Trump's speech was portrayed as dark, stark, and harsh by mainstream media.  He delivered a rebuke of the policies of Obama and G.W. Bush, both sitting behind him.  Trump delivered an assessment of the decline of American cities and rural communities, directly opposed to progressivism.  He expressed the wisdom of entrepreneurial spirit as opposed to socialism.  He voiced his argument against transfer of wealth from our nation to others, opposing globalism.  He expressed some of the libertarian objections to nation-building and extensive interventionism.  He also rebuked the establishment of both parties.

Read the rest here.

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