Friday, December 09, 2016


Let me start by saying "Fuck Rap".  Just so you know where I stand. Or at least where I stood until I stumbled on something interesting this morning.

In the process of going further into the "Iambic Pentameter"  business mentioned in the previous post, I happened upon a site called "Schmoop". Now, there's a LOT going on there but the page that caught my eye was their "Literature Glossary".

Roaming around clicking on the various interesting (and forgotten) words, I clicked on "Assonance" which brought me here.

As you can see, the page references the song "Juicy" by Notorious B.I.G.

And I pretty much made this face:

 But I figured, what the hell, and clicked on the link. Which brought me here.

Which proved to be a short, fascinating lesson in the skills of said fat man. I admit, I find I'm impressed in spite of myself.

It's not like I'll download his "music" anytime soon, but for the first time I paid enough attention to see that actual skill with language can be, if done well, a part of this genre.

So there you go. Check it out.



  1. You researched a subject you didn't like, found some redeeming qualities and admited such..... you're an.....
    No SJW badge for you.

    1. Thanks! Positive reinforcement is always appreciated! :-)

  2. The ability to allow the input of new information to change your world-view is beyond the reach of the progressive. And even if they were somehow capable of adjusting their opinions or world-view based on reality, they would refuse to do so.

    Differ's comment is cool.

  3. Also - your post reminds me of a scene from The Last Boy Scout, where a bad guy (Milo) tells Bruce Willis that he's like to hear him scream in pain. Willis responded, "Play some rap music." My sentiments, as well, just from what my ear suffers, musically. Of course, I'm a dinosaur who enjoys classical music, 50's-60's jazz (Dave Brubeck was my hero), and Brazilian music -sambas and such. Plus almost anything on the Windham Hill label.

    1. I'm a bit of a Philistine. Good old Rock and Roll...and even some Metal for me.

      (I am a BIG fan of Mozart, though)

    2. Ditto, but I still can't deal with today's Rap. Early Rap made sense, was Quality, and took skill and a knowledge of the English Language to pull it off... today, it's just noise.