Monday, December 26, 2016

Comment of the Day

The Progressive movement is about power and control. It is the hub of the uber-wealthy international globalist class of elites. It's primary existential goal is to maintain its social status. It includes parties as disparate as the doyens of silicon valley and Saudi Arabian royalty. Despite the disparities in these elites' historical and cultural background, they reject all of that in service of the prime directive of maintaining their status as global grandees. Hence they are no longer overtly political, but work in secret to create stealth ideologies and quasi-religions to shape the behavior of the planet's populations. They seek servility above all, and maintain it by generating phony activities for the lower orders to involve themselves in to maintain complacency. This is global warming, this is homosexual marriage, this is racism. It is also quickly becoming a new anti-Semitism. This is the Matrix.

But the elitist artificial reality is cracking under the weight of internal inconsistencies and its inherent capacity to antagonize all the prior human associations it is attempting to erase and supplant with the funhouse world it creates. But it has an inherent limitation; it must not reveal itself too clearly or the amoral horror of it will invoke its total destruction. Under Obama and the EU it had reached a zenith, and overreached. Its fake economy flounders, its ignorance of world affairs has inspired all sorts of predators to come forth and capture the benefits of civilization.

In the US the discordance between people's legitimate fears and suffering and the Matrix's absurd response has broken the fragile bridge of credulity. The Matrix is being rejected because everyone senses it is false, and a dangerous delusion. Not surprisingly its beneficiaries cling to it all the harder, knowing all along that their typical mediocrity may be exposed if they are subjected to the real world. It may be that those who are not restricted by their own mediocrity who will make an unexpected turnaround in their political orientations as they realize the Matrix is vanishing. Those who can compete in the new order through actual productivity may be among the first "Leftist" demographics to renounce the Matrix.

The bizarre reactions of the Matrix mandarins should be viewed as the hysterical attempts to rationalize the slipping state of static social affairs. They cannot persuade because their true program is enslavement, hence they can only delude. They will continue to try to generate false narratives within the Matrix, and of course they will use the social weapons of their set to batter the world into accepting again their hegemony. Shame, fear, false crises, lots of astroturf protests and general chaos. They are trying to claw their way back on top using the formidable tools of human manipulation they have developed over decades of scientific study.

My prescription: eliminate the CIA and expose the lies and the liars.


I love American Thinker. This is by one of the READERS!


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