Wednesday, November 16, 2016

My Very Favorite Photo of the Beast

May she remain in this state of mind for the rest of her short and miserable life.

No. I have no sympathy, compassion, kindness, concern, forgiveness, tolerance, for this demonic, sociopath whose sense of entitlement was such that it NEVER OCCURRED TO HER that she might lose the election...

...and when she finally realized, on election night, that she did, she flew into a rage during which she physically attacked her own staff.

Who the fuck does that?

Remember, during the campaign when she repeatedly attacked Trump on his "temperament"?

That's not ironic.

That's not even hypocritical.

That's stark-raving-cray-cray.

Thank you Donald Trump for saving our country from this out-of-control, maniacal, lunatic bitch.

No other Republican, with such forces allied against him, could possibly have beat her.


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