Sunday, November 06, 2016

Kaine vs Hillary


"So Hillary gets elected, then indicted and we end up with Kaine as President.
It's a no win situation for America."

Response—by me:

"Actually, I's why:

Hillary is the necessary center of this conspiracy. If she is elected, she's in a position to pay off all those dirty people who bought her off with "donations" to the Clinton Foundation...and all those absurd "speaking fees".

Without Hillary in the Oval Office pulling the strings, or at least seated at the desk while others (Huma, Bill, John) pull strings behind her...those people don't get what they paid for. The least in this particular case, is frustrated.

Kaine is obviously a dangerous idiot . But he is just as obviously not an intimate member of the Clinton Cartel...and may very well not feel required to honor promises he didn't make, or get paid for.

And, don't forget, he's not powerful and not connected in the same way as the Clintons. Congress might even find a backbone among them to stand up to him.

With Kaine, there is SOME possibility of control. I'd prefer to take that chance if I can't have Trump."


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