Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Something to think about...

I just thought this scenario ought to be saved somewhere, you know, just in case...


Author:  "Steve"

"Since I’ve been banned from Face-boogers for posting a Meme of TRUMP’S Face, & pointing his finger, with a caption that read “Other side of the Wall for You”…. (you should SEE the Libb-o Krap they let slide on “Hillary clinton vote Blue”)

Anyway, that aside, I’d like to address the FALSE statement regarding HITLARY being “negligent” in not doing enough to protect the Libyan Embassy, or that she “was asleep on the job”…. This is NOT TRUE….

The TRUTH is that Ambassador Stevens caught wind of the Gun-running to ISIS, & other Mudscum fringe elements… (Do YOU care what they call themselves? They’re “ALLAH” bunch of inbred savage VERMIN)

So, Ambassador Stevens plans on blowing the whistle on Hitlary, but O`BASTARD gets wind of the impending “lid flying off of the Coffin” & Plots with Hitlary to send the required Intel, weapons, & ord inance to these Terrorists, also giving the terror-bunch schematics, weak-spots, & layout of the embassy, EVERYTHING that the mudscums NEED to know in order to lay Seige, & over-run the place, because, as it turns out HE’S in on the running guns to ISIS HIMSELF! …

The night of the Seige, 3 separate, DIFFERENCE-MAKING assets that were IN the immiediate area, loaded for BEAR, READY & EAGER to ASSIST!! ALL 3 were told in NO UN-CERTAIN TERMS to STAND DOWN by O`BASTARD, & the State Dept… (Hitlary) !

this consisted of
2) A land-based bomber group stationed less than 300 miles away, & Last, BUT NOT LEAST,
3) A FULLY LOADED C-130 GUNSHIP ALREADY AIR-BORNE which IN ITSELF would have made MINCEMEAT out of the ENTIRE Terrorist bunch in ONE single pass.. (Google C-130 sometime if you’re not familier with this flying nest of multiple cannons, & 2 multi-barrel 30mm burp-guns that are incredibly devestating.

SO, to ME anyhow, the Libyan Embassy was PURPOSELY attacked & over-run DIRECTLY BY the TREASON & SCHEMING of HITLARY & O`BASTARD….



Sounds about right to me.



  1. I've read a version that claimed Stevens was supposed to locate and re-acquire a large quantity of MANPADs that had been provided to "friendly" muslims (an oxymoron) that had either a) been stolen by "unfriendly" muslims (a truism) or b) the "friendly" had turned into (stopped pretending [taqqiya]) "unfriendly".

    I have no idea if he was successful (if this was true to start with), but either way, he was a "loose end". Along with those working with/for him. No matter which, if any, stories are true, he did not deserve to be raped (don't you just love them peaceful muslims?), burned, 3rd degree on legs, have his genitals burned and also shocked with a cattle prod, dragged through the streets and beaten frequently while that went on, until he finally succumbed approx. seven hours after the torture started. I have a photo of him on my Farcebook page being shocked on his genitals, mouth open-screaming, back arched off the ground from the excruciating pain, blackened (and white, where there is no longer any vascularity) on his legs. [I use Farcebook to post political information and to make fun of that Mother Zucker who runs it.]

  2. Nice use of Zucker's baby. ;-)

    As for Stevens' ordeal...I can't even imagine. I do know one thing: The disregard that Hillary et al have demonstrated is indicative of their inhumane natures.

    It's unbelievable that any normal person would even consider voting for her.

    Little Off Topic. But it always comes back to the corrupt and criminal #ClintonCartel