Monday, October 17, 2016

Someone asked me about Hillary...

She is a classic sociopath. She only cares about herself and what she wants. Nobody else matters. Their feelings, their lives, their welfare. If they get in her way, she will destroy them if necessary, without regret.

She has no compassion, sympathy or empathy. She does not know what it feels like to care about someone else or feel their pain. She is psychologically unable to process it. That's why when she pretends to be funny, sweet or friendly it's so creepy and weird...because one can feel the disconnect between what she's saying and what she's actually projecting.

You can even see it on camera.

This is not an exaggeration. Her entire life is a testament to the truth of this assessment.

She will do whatever will enhance her status, increase her power, and add to her wealth. If it ruins and destroys people or nations, that is of no consequence to her.

She cannot be allowed to become President.



  1. She certainly shouldn't be allowed, but I fear the fix is in. That is why the FBI was made to refuse to charge her or to recommend prosecution, in spite of the fact that she openly admitted the crime of removing/deleting her emails. Not just because it implicated Obama, but because those operating our government have decided to make her our next/last President.

  2. Queen Hillary certainly does seem to be above the law. She is a placeholder for the real power, I suspect. She's too stupid to have done any of this herself.

    She is evil and greedy and massively ambitious, but she is clumsy and stupid and artless and flagrant.

    Without the full backing of the entire establishment, especially the covering media, she'd be revealed as the petty, absurd, overweening, silly-ass, out-of-control bitch she really is. She'd have less than no chance at the Presidency.

    I think that her election will signal the beginning of the revolution. It might take years to come to fruition...but history will note and long remember that this was the moment it all began...IF she wins.