Monday, October 10, 2016

OMG! What Trump SAID!

I just heard two talk show guys, Joe and Jack...that I used to listen to regularly, bash Donald Trump for what he said 11 years ago, about how he could grab women and kiss them because he was a big star.

They both were trying to say that this was somehow important.

And then they both "jumped bad"...threatening to break Trump's neck, and "make him bleed from wherever" if Donald ever did those things to their women.

Now. What did Joe and Jack just do?

They just engaged in "talkin' shit".

Sitting in the comfort of their radio booth, they "threatened" physical violence against a guy who has never even met them, or "their women".

Now...stay with me here...

What was it that Donald Trump was doing in that private conversation?

Oh...that's right...he was "talkin' shit".

He was talking shit about "grabbing pussy" instead of "breaking necks"

What's the difference, exactly?

Donald didn't actually grab anyone's pussy.

Jack didn't actually break anyone's neck.

They just talked about it.  Talked about being badasses. Like Trump talked about being a horndog.

So what's the lesson here?

The lesson is:  Men have a tendency to "talk shit". (And rarely actually do any of it.)

Jack & Joe did precisely the same thing as Donald...while condemning him for doing it

Every time I hear a man condemn Donald I know this:

Either the man is such a BETA that he's never talked shit in his life. (In which case his opinion hardly matters.)

Or he's basically a liar, because he's done exactly the same kind of thing...just like our boys, Jack and Joe.

There are just no other choices.

And that is the very last word I have on this subject.

Except for this:  WOMEN DON'T CARE. We actually have some experience with men, and know that sometimes they do that. In fact, sometimes WE do that.


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