Monday, October 31, 2016

I am a Radical American

I've been a Democrat, a Republican, a Conservative.

They're all basically full of shit.

Now I am a "Radical American".

Think "Radical Muzlim"...except about all things American.

Like the Constitution, English as the official language, Cultural Christianity,  a White majority, Limited Government, Morality and Integrity in government, citizen legislators, not professional politicians, thus: Term Limits.

The Fourth of July, Easter, Christmas and all the attendant decorations and greetings. I want Washington's and Lincoln's Birthdays back. I want Veterans Day to be a big deal.

I want our Veterans honored EVERY DAY.

I want American children to learn about how Good and Great and Generous America is...and how it's founded on the ideas of Liberty, Freedom, Individual Rights and Responsibilities, Equality before the law, Rule of Law and not men, Freedom of Speech, Assembly, Owning & Bearing arms, and all the rest of the Bill of Rights.

I want every kid to pass a Constitutional Test, a Western Civ test, an American History test, and a Civics test to get out of High School with a diploma.

I want Closed Borders, I want all illegal aliens deported. And I mean all the usual suspects, but also all the babies, grannies, minors, the retarded, the crippled, the hungry, the sick, the old, the poor, etc. They broke the law to get in, and they don't belong here

They can do it right, or they can stay the hell out.

Actually, I want immigration stopped altogether until further notice. Like in 50 years. And when it resumes, I want only White Europeans to be allowed in, like it was before Edward Kennedy rewrote the Immigration Laws to fit his radical Leftist agenda.

I make exception for true and official refugees that are being slaughtered or persecuted in their own countries and are too weak or outnumbered to fight back—but never waves of healthy young (muzlim) men as is happening in Europe and parts of America.

I want any religion, sect, party organization, business, corporation, club, charity, etc. that seeks to establish any other form of government, or undermine in any way, the lawful Constitutional government of the United States, OUTLAWED outright.

Any such organization's founders or members or participants or donors to be immediately deported if not citizens, and tried and imprisoned for treason if citizens.

I want the races to get along, but if they can't, reasonable separation is...reasonable. Today, blacks themselves are demanding it! 

Before integration and Great Society Welfare, the black community was stronger, more prosperous, more productive, more educated, more Christian, less violent, less depressed, less dependent, less miserable, less angry and less self-destructive. It's time we returned to what works!

I want people to be given a hand UP, not a hand OUT, to be helped to become self-sufficient; not permanently supported despite their continued and parasitic and willful dependence on productive citizens. "If you don't work, you don't eat."

I want only property owners and taxpayers to vote. People who don't pay taxes should have no voice in how those taxes are raised or spent. It's horribly immoral. It's legal, licensed theft.

Of course, I want the entire edifice of Federal bureaucracies to be destroyed, dismantled completely...with only those departments specifically authorized by the Constitution permitted to exist...and ONLY AS SPECIFIED AND LIMITED BY said Constitution.

I am a Radical American.

/gun be continued...

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