Monday, October 03, 2016

Comments of the Day...

The social structure most like the NWO bureaucratic state is that of the first civilizations. They are returning us to the time of the first Pharaohs. The all knowing priest king and his fellow priest bureaucrats will control every aspect of life. They even want to return to earth worship with their "sustainable economy" nightmare.

Until the rise of trading civilization with its middle class every civilization was structured around a bureaucratic class, usually a priest class, with a military class to keep it going. The rise of the trader/technologist/industrialist to dominance was a shock to them. Now they are reclaiming their power if they can. The key concept upon which trading civilization is based, property rights, is under assault and almost gone.

You are correct and that is why the Political Class are Barbarians. We are told the "Best and Brightest" are Enlightened when in fact they are regressive Totalitarians.

I began to feel something was wrong in 2000. I have felt that a civil war or world war of magnitude proportions is coming for a while. These days I consider it more as a giant conflict or rebellion on the horizon. Either people start fighting back or the evil forces begin to attack us leading to a massive conflict. People can't take it anymore.

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