Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Quote of the Day

On how corrupt and unprofessional the MEDIA is...

How can so much obvious criminal behavior be ignored by supposedly intelligent people?
Here is the complete answer from an authoritative source with decades in the news profession. This will equip you to be ready to win every confrontation about this issue.

Read on for the answer . . .

The MSM has totally discredited itself; that comes from a person of 64 who started writing for a Top 10 newspaper 44 years ago. Over that time I've written for the "St. Petersburg Times," "Miami Herald," and the "New York Times," among others.

Without exception - even among the critics of the journalism profession - never, ever, would anyone believe you if you said that one day the field would sink to this level.

But when, in just this one example of dozens I could offer, nothing else but disaster will happen when you bring on writers from "BuzzFeed," or any of dozens of other "Here Today, Forgotten Tomorrow" online wannabe Information Organizations of Excellence.

The truly abominable part is lying to the public, the profession, and to yourself, that they are ready for Prime Time. They don't even know what Prime Time is coming from their environment of unaccountable, "in it for the celebrity" propagandizing.

Hiring these people takes the standards down so low because you are employing hacks that don't have the faintest idea of the history, the traditions, the demands for excellence, the accountability for what you write judged by its accuracy - and not by its ability to get people to "Buy the Lie" their oligarch owners, kiss-up general managers, the Racist Apologists working as editors, and their peers vying for another day-to-day lease on their career's life are selling to readers and viewers for whom they have no respect for whatsoever.

And, of course, we are talking about people who behave as if the word ethics is part of a foreign tongue, never taught to them, and absolutely never used as a standard for determining tenure.

Why should you, I, or anyone else, continue to take these rank amoral slime-balls seriously? Whether you are talking about their propaganda pieces, or their rants about those of us who know they are liars and reject their brain-dead screeds, how can you have any respect for anything about them?

You can't - so don't. Ignore every word they babble. And if someone cites them, just laugh at the person who raises their name.

As for the people who have been around, they have sucked, among other things, the teat of their news subjects (think FREE $20,000 memberships in the Clinton Foundation's Global Initiative for starters), editors, managers, and owners, to get where they are today (Try Lester Holt, Elaine Quijano, Martha Raddatz, Anderson Cooper, Chris Wallace . . . The Clinton Assassination Team for the Trump Bushwacking Faux Debates).

Their blatant willingness to do whatever they are told to do says everything you need to know about their complete lack of anything remotely resembling integrity.

Again, ridicule them as hacks, pretty people with oatmeal for brains, laugh at the mention of their names, look at your confronter with that "How can you be beyond terminally dumb to take them seriously?" look.

The MSM has degenerated into Crazy Hillary's Wh -- ore Corps.

Nothing they write, or say, can be believed at face. They are psychotic sociopaths with no guilt, no shame, no conscience, and no empathy for anyone but themselves. In short, these are Mad Dogs baying at the midnight moon.

Notice Meagan Kelly didn't get where she is on the basis of brains - after all, she's a teleprompter reader, not a professor delivering extemporaneous lectures; she got there on the basis of flashing her legs on a TV set's bar stool. Is there really any difference between that, and wearing a too-small mini soliciting business on 43rd Street?

Again, that's coming from someone with over 44 years working newsrooms and broadcast studios.

Let me put it to you this way, and share it with everyone because everyone will understand this idea: The sex workers in Times Square have more personal integrity about prostituting themselves out than Crazy Hillary's Wh - - ore Corps has about admitting they are prostitutes.

You are a prostitute regardless whether you sell your body's genius, or you sell your body's genitals. Either way, you sell your body for money; that's the very definition of prostitution.
The late, great, Donna Summers immortalized this concept speaking out about the life of a street wh -- ore in "Bad Girls," it's embedded in our minds forever as the truth about today's MSM:

"Now you and me, we're both the same,

though you call yourself, by a different name."

In today's street talk, "It is what it is."

--Kenneth E. Lamb


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