Saturday, September 17, 2016

Lava Lamp (you'll understand in a minute)

I wasn't going to do this. I gave you the link, and I tried to leave well enough alone. But I just couldn't. I had to preserve this one on my blog for me...and share it with you.

This is an Amazon review of Hillary Clinton's book, Stronger Together.

"This book is an enlightening look at how Hillary is stronger as a result of her team. Since she is medically decrepit and can no longer stand on her own, she relies on the puppet strings pulled by George Soros. When she has a seizure and passes out in a gutter, the secret service is there to pick her up and buckle her into her giant car seat in her Vanbulance. Friendly staff are always there to give her lozenges and glasses of water when she has coughing fits. She coughs up so much phlegm, she can instantly turn a glass of water into a lava lamp. At the upcoming Presidential debates, she'll be sporting a lovely helmet, to prevent any further brain damage. This is necessary, because she has already declared war on Pepe, the green cartoon Mexican frog, who she thinks stands for white supremacy in the USA. When found jeopardizing National Security, her connections in the FBI and Justice Department are there to lend a hand. With her connections, Hillary is definitely stronger.

"If you cover up a few letters the title reads ST_ON_E_ ___HER, which is a polite nod to our friends who practice Sharia Law and kill women who are suspected of adultery by hurling stones at them until they are bludgeoned to death."

—Poisoned Blade

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