Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Amazon Deleted Negative Reviews of Hillary's Book

Did you hear the news?

Amazon actually DELETED user/consumer reviews of Hillary's book "Stronger Together" ?

(another link to the story)

(Of course they were hilariously negative...and much better and more entertainingly written that the "book" they were reviewing.)

Apparently Bezos doesn't like it when the little people have the audacity to badmouth his Kween Hillary.

Unfortunately for him, over a thousand people went right back and "re-filled" the vast emptiness with more of the same.

Yay us.

Fuck Amazon's Politicking.

One for The People. Zero for the D.C. Cartel.

One more globalist mogul tips his "ready to censor and lie for my agenda" hand.

If nothing else, this election is making all the anti-American globalists show their cards in very (inadvertently, I suspect) clear, plain and public ways.

And, thus, we are finding out who they are. And what they have in store for us.

The flock of Republicans among the "Never Trump" gang was the beginning of this grand revelation...and it has continued apace.

And once we know, they can never hide again, and everything they say and do will be tainted by our knowledge of their real agenda.

That gives US the power...

And that's a good thing.


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