Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Hillary's Health

The media does not care about Hillary's health. The DNC does not care about Hillary's health. Her globalists patrons and donors don't care about Hillary's health.

They don't care, because her health is not an issue for them except for one thing:

They just need her to live long enough to WIN. They don't need HER, they need the White House. Once they've got control of that, she's entirely expendable.

No serious person, even on the Left, could imagine Hillary as anything but a useful pawn. She knows nothing, has done nothing, has no plan, has no goals, has no vision...is clearly and obviously only power-mad and money-grubbing for her own greedy self...and doesn't even have the charisma or charm to be the puppet happy face of the party owners like Ă˜bama is.

They just needed her to WIN. They figured the name and vagina would do the trick in a dumbed-down America.

They may have erred.

Let us pray they did.


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