Monday, March 14, 2016

Bye, Ted

I've been torn between Cruz and Trump.

Between intellectual honesty, total commitment to the Constitution, what's right, no matter the cost or situation....and the excitement of a voice of the People, expressing and articulating our fury and our frustration.

Looking back, I'd say my head was for Cruz and my heart was for Trump.

Until this weekend.

Cruz, to whom I was attracted because I utterly trusted him to do the right thing even when it was hard, unpopuar and everyone was against him...

...did just the opposite this weekend, by blaming Donald Trump for the violence at his rally location in Chicago and FAILING to stand against mob intimidation of a presidential candidate, and his supporters by the thugs of MoveOn and BLM and OWS...and Bernie's goons.

It shocked me. I saw reports on Twitter, and refused to believe it until I saw the direct quote from a respected source, and then, finally, saw the video of Cruz himself actually saying it.

That was a big betrayal of trust. When the chips were down, he opted for political gain instead of righteousness. And that, as I said, was the ONE reason I supported him: the fact that he would NEVER do that, but always stand up for what was right.

Now he's just another politician, who makes promises, sounds good, and does whatever's good for him at the moment.

How, exactly, does that make him different from the rest of them?

I took the Cruz bumper sticker off my car Saturday.

We officially broke up.



  1. Gunny, Sanders did what you are accusing Cruz of doing. Read Cruz's remarks and what he said about Trump requiring a pledge - to - Trump! Are you kidding me? Who was that German guy that demanded the citizens and army take an oath of allegiance to him? I want to say I can't believe what I am seeing but I know better.

    1. The Left used violence and physical intimidation of fellow citizen to prevent them from holding rallies.

      THAT is EXACTLY what the Nazis did in Germany.

      Cruz had an opportunity to condemn it in no uncertain terms. But instead, he insinuated that it was the "climate" created by Trump that led to, or provoked, such violence.

      It was a face of Cruz I hadn't expected ever to see...abandoning the principled truth for political gain.

      It was a disgusting display. Worthy of Sanders or Hillary, or even Rubio...but not the supposed, touted icon of Conservatism.

      And just yesterday, in the wake of the Brussels terror attack, he felt the need to try to connect Trumps recent comments about NATO and the islamic terrorism.

      Yes, Ted. Donald Trump is the reason for ALL the violence in the world. He just makes so many people so mad by the things he says...


  2. Aw, c'mon, baby. Ted didn't mean it, he just misspoke. Just give him another chance, and he'll never ever do it again! You know he's got nothin' but love for ya...

    Sad. Cruz has some serious brainpower, and I really wanted to believe he was on our side, but I've since realized that's not the case. Of course, given that it's mathematically and culturally impossible to pull America out of its current death spiral, none of any of this really matters. I'm just trying to get some entertainment out of it.

    1. You've got the GOP down pat: Wife-beaters...I'm so done.

  3. Just some food for thought. Alexis de Tocqueville made the observation long ago that America was great because America was good. Now how did he figure that out? Make America great again? You trust a man to do that? If we simply dismiss anyone's past, including cheating, adultery, using government to seize peoples property, supporting abortion, why not elect a man as, well, a god? That will make America great again? Sorry Alexis, but today's know-it-all generation doesn't believe you.

  4. Just some food for thought: God uses imperfect men for His own ends.

    1. True, and most often to punish those who stray.