Wednesday, September 25, 2013

This is WHY the Founders included the Second Amendment

When I tell you that the Leftists are Fascists and have no intention of "representing" you when you elect them, but only intend to RULE you when they have the power...

...Believe me.

This "man", this piece of fecal matter, this liar, this oath-breaker, this bearer of false witness, this would-be aristocrat, this John Kerry will sign the U.N. Arms Treaty even in the face the the Senate saying it will not ratify it.

He does not care what the representatives of the people say. He does not care what the citizens want. He knows better. He shall rule them, one and all, from his high place of wisdom and power and wealth.

He is better than you. He is more intelligent that you. He is wiser than you. He does not need your permission to limit your freedom, make you powerless, vulnerable, defenseless, turn you into a serf ruled by Masters like himself.

All hail John Kerry and his ilk. Our masters and betters.

...or not.



  1. I give not a fuck what he or anyone else in this collection of treasonous bastards signs. My God-given human rights are not up for discussion.

    Molon Labe, bitches.

  2. "Come.....And.....Take.....Them"