Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Let's Review His Latest Speech...

"let me be perfectly clear", "held accountable", "crisis", "pahk-ee-stahn", "not one dime", "transparent", "saved or created", "make no mistake, "the system is broken", "I,Me,My", "game changer", "fiscal responsibility", "previous administration", "historic", "back from the brink", "there are those that say", "I've said time and time again", "restore our reputation", "in a ditch", "bump in the road", "my opponents", "unprecedented", "laser focus on jobs", "extraordinary times", "you didn't build that", "draw a red line", "there's no there there".

Oh yeah almost forgot. Your free square is "ummmm", "errrrrrr", or "aaaaah"...

hat-tip madashe11

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