Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Go forth....and Read the Rest

America is now a nation ruled -- and that is the correct word -- by a self-appointed elite of ignorant snobs and power-mad degenerates to compete with the worst ruling castes of the civilized world. The U.S. federal government has, through the deliberate deteriorations of a century, finally dispensed with all but the flimsiest pretense of the principles of limited government and the rule of law that virtually defined America's historic political achievement. By turns Commodus, Nero, and Caligula, today's American ruling elite steer an intentionally debased, demoralized and indoctrinated majority down the path to a form of enslavement as non-metaphorical as it is ingenious, the kind foreseen by Tocqueville as "soft despotism." Never to be misunderstood is that by "soft," Tocqueville did not mean weak; he meant achieved through enticements, rather than through brute force. This tyranny, he warned, might be more thorough than any "hard" despotism, in that the populace so enticed will welcome the chains, rather than resist them.

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