Sunday, September 01, 2013

Forgive me...

I cannot stand this asshole's image...but I had to share this further evidence of his complete disregard of the presidential desk. Apparently he always sits with his feet on it...the SIDE of his shoes is disrespectful and potentially damaging enough, but really, the bottom of his shoe...pressing on the finish of this historic piece of antique furniture?

Is this what the cretin does in his own house? To his own furniture? Who does that? Do you know ANYBODY who does this? You think Me-Shell would let him get away with this on stuff they bought with their own money?

I take this shit personally. That's MY desk, in MY house, you ill-mannered barbarian.

I think this skinny impotent thinks this makes him look tough...note the 'gun' hand gesture (you know, the kind that get school children suspended from government schools.)  

Obviously, he knows his picture is being taken. I'm guessing this is his "badass" pose.

What a pathetic, disrespectful puke.


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