Thursday, September 26, 2013


I am a registered Republican. It's a long story, but I came to the Dark Side late in life and only became a Republican after 9-11.

Now I am at a crossroads.

Or perhaps it is the Republican Party that is at the crossroads.

Will the future of the GOP be Ted Cruz? Or will the future of the GOP be John McCain?

They'd best choose wisely*.

The position of the Republican Party as the one of the two parties in the "two-party-system" may depend on it.

My remaining a registered Republican certainly does.


*If I have to tell you which I prefer, you have NOT been paying attention.


  1. The goal is to take over the Republican party and primary the RINOs to where the sun don't shine.

  2. Yes, we are working on that too. Several people from my Tea Party organization are involved in the local GOP. I, myself, am an Alternate on the county Republican Central Committee.

    But it's not pretty. Even at the local level, RINOs, "moderates", and Clueless Surrender Monkeys abound, outnumbering dedicated, principled Constitutionalists.

    They are utterly impotent. And seem content to remain so. It's really pretty shocking.

    1. I sympathize and it isn't much better here in IL. Where you are, the sunshine probably ripens the fruits and nuts faster and that ground shaking makes them fall from the trees in droves. We do the best we can with cards we are dealt.

  3. I love that description of why there are so many crazies in California!

    On the other hand, don't forget they left every other state (and Mexico)—in droves—and came to mine and fucked it up. Most people in California are not native Californians.

    And it's annoying.