Friday, August 02, 2013

Since I've Got a Race Theme Going...

I wonder if a part of the reason Øbama works so hard at being black is that he isn't.

He's got to overcome his whole white half...and at least his 1/4 AY-rab.

He's working that black quarter has hard as possible 'cause that's the part that got every job he every got...with virtually no credentials.

He's a man without a race...and that's an uncomfortable thing to be. So he's not just some black dude...

...he is in fact, precisely, NOT a black dude, but desperately seeking to be taken for one* he can claim a home in the race.

Pity really for him...

...and for us, whose lives, liberties and country are the victims of his identity crisis psychosis.


*which explains his choice of the angry, black, racist, harridan as a mate.

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