Monday, August 05, 2013

Outlaws & Scofflaws

Congress exempts itself from Øbamacare. See the specifics in the video below. Technically, they'll be subject to it, but won't have to pay like the rest of us will.

Because they don't like it. Well, they don't like it for themselves.  They think it's great for the unwashed masses.

They passed it for the and me. But they certainly don't want to obey that law themselves! So they got themselves exempted. (As they've already done with Social Security, and various labor laws, among others.)

I'm just so done.

Why should you and I obey the law when the lawmakers don't bother obeying it?

The number of laws the government has passed that are bad, injurious, costly, unfair & burdensome to citizens have become so intolerable and so multitudinous that I encourage everyone to ignore them.
We are no longer "equal under the law" in America anymore. The Aristocracy and Royalty are above the law. Only we peasants are expected to obey quietly, willingly and subserviently.

As a result, the law has lost all moral authority. And as far as I'm concerned, we have no responsibility to honor or obey it.

We are no longer a "nation of laws"....but "of men".  And I won't participate in my own slavery by quietly and obediently going along with their plan.

Catch me if you can, fuckers.

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